TechMission 2020 - Automotive

Turning the Voice of Technicians Into Management Strategies For Shops

About The Event


Welcome to the first annual TechMission 2020 event hosted by Find A Wrench!

TechMission 2020 brings together technicians, shop owners and managers, and schools to talk about how we can attract more technicians into the industry, recruit and retain existing technicians, and improve the overall perception of the automotive service business.

TechMission is two days of awesome content — one for automotive and one for diesel.

Look for the diesel event? Visit TechMission 2020 - Diesel.

Who Should Attend?

Shop owners/managers
Service managers/advisors
Fixed Ops Directors


Harnessing the Voice of Technicians to Improve the Industry
Jay Goninen, President & Founder of Find A Wrench
The automotive service industry is in trouble. We’re facing a massive shortage of technicians, and we all need to come together to work towards resolution. How do we begin to solve this deep-seeded problem that has so many shops struggling to find help? We start by listening to the voice of technicians.
Technician Roundtable - What Do Technicians Look For in a Shop/Dealership?
Adam Bryant (Ira Toyota), Dalton Berns (Dan's Auto Centre), Tanner Brandt (Tanner's Auto Clinic), Bob Higgins (Master BMW Technician), Josh Tebben (Ryan Auto Mall)
The #1 way we can begin to solve the technician shortage in our industry is by listening to our technicians. We’re diving deep into major issues in the industry, identifying where there’s a lack of execution, and how the automotive industry needs to evolve in order to combat the technician shortage — all from the perspective of technicians.
Manager Roundtable - Turning Your Shop Into a Destination for Technicians
Ed Roberts (Bozard Ford Lincoln), Jake Schaefer (Smart Motors), Tim Winkeler (VIP Tires & Service), Brian Sump (Avalon Motorsports)
Want to attract and retain more technicians? Then, it’s time to face some hard truths — is your shop really a great place to work? With the current market, technicians don’t need to settle for just any job — and they won’t. Based on what we’ve learned from our technician panel, let’s discuss opportunities for improvement, and how we can transform our shops into a place technicians not only want to work at, but stay at for the long haul.
How to Market Your Technician Jobs
Lisa Joseph, Director of Recruiting, Find A Wrench
Tired of paying premium job board prices for not-so-premium results? Lisa Joseph and her team at Find A Wrench are the holders of the secret sauce and the reason shops and dealerships across the country have filled their bays with qualified technicians. Tune into her session to learn exactly how to ATTRACT technicians with seven key strategies.
Tech School Roundtable - Want More and Better Techs? How the Industry Can Better Support Tech Schools
Buddy Key (Jones Technical Institute), Cindy Barlow (WyoTech), Chris Groh (Ford Motor Company), Paul Flogel (Madison College)
While shops often have the best intentions and help out schools when asked, there is a lack of proactive effort coming from the shops. During this roundtable, we will discuss how the communication between schools and shops can be improved, and what schools are hearing from their students in terms of how shops can help eliminate some of the barriers holding students back from entering and staying in the industry.
Industry Roundtable - Bringing It All Together
Joe McDonald (VP of Sales, Jasper Engines), Mark Wilson (CEO, Find A Wrench), Bryan Stasch (ATI)
We all want to accomplish the same goals: We want to get more young people into the industry and keep our technicians happy. Our final roundtable discussion will close out the event by summarizing what we learned from technicians, management, and schools, and talk about what we need to do differently to move forward and drive change within the industry.

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